Welcome to the Northern Virginia Pagan Network!

The Northern Virginia Pagan Network (NVPN) is an organization founded on the goal of providing
a networking resource for all Pagans, both groups and solitaries, in the Northern Virginia area.
Our aim is to not only celebrate what we have in common but also our diversity.

We welcome participation by Pagans, regardless of their path or physical location. The goal is to
connect the various groups, businesses, and solitaries within Northern Virginia, and show that
like a web, each strand strengthens the rest.

In this group, you may find resources to help others practice their particular faith as well as
events, other groups, a variety of businesses, and opportunities to learn from eachother.

In order to help foster communication between Pagans in our community, we have created the
Northern Virginia Pagan Network
Yahoo Group. This is an open group, so no permission is
necessary. We do, however, keep new members moderated until they post their first message in
order to protect the group from spammers.

Bright Blessings,
Jeanet and David Ewing
Founders, Northern Virginia Pagan Network