What groups and businesses are there in Northern Virginia???

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Local Groups and Businesses


We have compiled a beginning list of groups and businesses located in the Northern Virginia area.  If you know of a Pagan group or business in our area that would like to be listed, please drop us a line and forward the information to us.


Click on the name of the group or business to visit them.

Local Groups

Eplagaršr Kindred

Eplagaršr Kindred is an Asatru Kindred located in the Northern Shenandoah Valley area in Virginia that is dedicated to the study and worship of the Norse Gods, the Ancestors and the Landvaettir.

Eplagaršr Kindred is currently a private group that holds regular public events. If you would like to receive emails announcing our upcoming events, you can join our Friends of Eplagaršr Yahoo group. To do this, go to http://groups.yahoo.com/group/FriendsOfEplagarthr, and request to join. Please include a sentence about who you are and how you heard of us in your request.



In short, we are a family-oriented, multi-tradition pagan group that worships together and provides environmental volunteer support, drawing kindreds and individuals from Maryland and Virginia. We routinely meet in Springfield, VA (near the beltway), and we include Wiccans, Heathens (Asatru), and others among our membership. To learn more about us, peruse our information pages.



An eclectic CUUPs (Covenant of the Unitarian Universalist Pagans) group located in Arlington, VA.  They are an open and welcoming circle of Pagans. Many of their members are also Unitarian Universalists, but that is not a requirement. They seek truth in all its forms, and have found the Pagan path speaks to us the most. They are democratic, in accord with the fifth Unitarian-Universalist principle (there are seven principles). To lead is to show up and volunteer. We believe in helping others, and do so through many different activities. We are also committed to participating in the larger Pagan community, participating in activities across the Northern Virginia region.  


Northern Shenandoah Valley Pagan Alliance

Meet our neighbors to the West!

The Northern Virginia Shenandoah Valley Pagan Alliance, or NSVPA, is an incorporated organization that is dedicated to building a stronger and more active Pagan community in the Northern Shenandoah Valley.  We are not focused on any one spiritual path, as we strive to represent the whole of the nature-spirituality community.

In the interest of fostering a stronger sense of community, the NSVPA sponsors, or co-sponsors a variety of public festivals, public rituals, social events and community service activities.  As we are a family oriented organization, we are also working to establish some children's activities.


Riversong Grove 

Riversong Grove was founded Beltaine 2006 by four long-term members of the northern Virginia pagan community. We are very much a nature religion and we celebrate the Druidic High Days with a spiritual and geographic focus on the Rappahannock and other local rivers. We live our religion through both scholarship and personal experience, learning to to be true to the old ways in a modern context. Members at present are primarily of Norse, Roman and Celtic backgrounds, but we may in future work with any Indo-European tradition as members wish. We are family-friendly and are creating this tradition not just for ourselves but for our children.

Much like our predecessor Little Acorn Grove we will hold 8 public High Day rituals a year. Newcomers and non-pagans are welcome if they can be respectful.



There are many sacred places open to those who would worship indoors, but few places left in crowded Northern Virginia where people can meet in safety and comfort to worship outdoors among the trees and the creatures under the sky. ShadowGrove is such a place.

As we continue our journey as a Grove, we wish to welcome people of kind heart and open mind to join us. Our forums are a place to discuss matters of common interest to seekers across the Internet, our classes and mentorships are a way for people new to a path or a discipline to learn from those who have deeper knowledge and wider experience, our ministers offer services such as counseling, weddings, handfastings, and child-blessings, and our participation in community events is a way for pagans in the Northern Virginia area to meet one another, learn, and grow to the benefit of all.



SpiralGround is a legally incorporated church in the Commonwealth of Virginia. We describe ourselves as "Interfaith and Interpath" and accept as candidates for membership any sincere seeker who agrees with our Mission and Vision.

We are an eclectic bunch, but all of us share in the desire for communion with Nature and attunement with the Earth, Moon, Sun, and other natural cycles of life. We come together for ritual, celebration, comfort, encouragement, exploration, empowerment, learning, fellowship, and fun, because we believe that by doing so, our individual growth is augmented through these shared experiences.

Our regular meetings are called Spirit Circles, and are generally held on Fridays in Cumberland, VA. They are open to visitors (unless otherwise indicated on our Online Calendar) by invitation, which can be obtained by contacting a SpiralGround member via our Contact Form.


Tri-Luna Circle

The is a group to help each other study and grow with the Druid, Celtic, Irish & Scot, Tuatha De Danann, Faery works. We are open to children, teens, the grown ups, and even to famous folk because you need your Path work too. We will post many things for many people so be sure to check all topic and bulletins. There is also post a friendly news letter, so if you have friends or family of the Path, please print and pass on.


Local Businesses



The Pagan Peddler

OK, this is a shameless plug, but it is our pride and joy.  This is our online Pagan supply business, where we sell a variety of Pagan, Wiccan and Witchcraft supplies, including herbs, stones, incense (including our hand-blended ritual incense), jewelry, a wide selection of ritual and divination tools, and a variety of spell candles, including our own custom handcrafted ritual and spell candles.


13 Magickal Moons

"Celebrating the Moon, Nature, and the Goddess within" - Carries a large selection of handcrafted magickal items, including candles, witch bottles, and other magickal supplies.  Located in Occoquan, VA.


ANIMAL TEACHERS: “Connecting People and Animals”
Discover your ANIMAL GUIDES!  Wisdom from the DOLPHINS and DRAGONS !  

ENERGY GIFTS from the Animals!  I offer Readings, Empowerments, Classes Reiki, and Books for You (and Your Pet), Virginia Carper, Sacred Animal Master Teacher
(703) 569-3270, Springfield VA
All Readings and Empowerments: $30 (If you cite Northern Virginia Pagan Network Website)

Esoterica of Leesburg

Large New-Age store located in Leesburg, VA - Carries crystals, herbs, jewelry, statuary, and other Pagan-related items.


Morgana's Elementals of Stephens City

Specializing in Organic Bulk Herbs, Herbal Bath Products, Herbal Teas, Blessed Candles and Incense, Jewelry, Ritual Tools and more.

Certified herbalist on staff to offer a selection of organic ointments, salves, oils and teas for those looking for an alternative solutions for whatever ails you. We will specialize to your specific needs upon consultation.

We also offer a variety of classes, tarot readings and guest authors, so don’t forget to check the events page to find out what’s going on.

Blessed Be.

Terra Christa

New-Age store located in Vienna, VA - Carries stones, books, music and a variety of other Pagan-friendly items.


Sacred Circle Books

Metaphysical store located in Old Town Alexandria, VA - Carries books, music, jewelry, gifts and more.


T Glass Studios

"Your home for Spiritual Crafted art".  An online studio located in Haymarket, VA that also vends at many of the local Pagan festivals in our area.  This site is home to a group of talented artisans who sell stained glass artwork, spiral wood staffs and wands, spiritual paintings, and a whole lot more!  May of these items are Pagan-themed.